• Win the love, respect, and loyalty of your children

    Practical tools and training to help parents build healthy
    kids, loving homes, and safer communities.

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Our Mission

To Help Parents Win The Love, Respect, and Loyalty of Their Children.

Parents are in the biggest competition of their lives.

It’s the competition for the heart, mind, and soul of their children. But whether it’s against the negative influences of pop culture or the threat of gangs, drugs, and violence, that competition isn’t won or lost on the streets or through community programs — it’s won in the home.

Free Video Training

5 Minute Parenting Transformation

Short, practical tips to equip, empower, and encourage you as a parent

The Answer Begins in the Home

Learn the proven principles of how to raise healthy, successful children

Build a culture of love, respect, and loyalty as a leader in your home

Become the “hero” your children will look up to for a lifetime

Parents on a Mission taught me to discover the good inside me so that I can transform my behavior and provide tools to my children so they can impact our communities and our world.

Get in the Game as a Parent

It doesn’t take a village to raise a child, it just takes good parents. Learn how to become a leader in your home and win the love, respect, and loyalty of your children.

Affordable audio training

Great for step parents, grandparents and guardians

Listen and apply at your own pace

Parents on a Mission not only allowed me to learn to teach others, but also gave me priceless information that has already benefited my relationship with my daughter. This information is practical and really works!”

You Are In A Daily Competition For The Heart & Mind Of Your Children

If you don’t help your children discover and develop their true identity…someone else will
define it for them. Learn how to BEAT YOUR COMPETITION with our PARENT LEADERSHIP curriculum.